Reddit Best Way To Learn Spanish Reddit Best Way To Learn SpanishEach task contains videos, grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and a podcast. The above are not in exact order and the steps should be done simultaneously where possible. 3 If possible hire a private online or local tutor. Students can practice by speaking to others or can start out by speaking to themselves. Watch at least one video a day, whatever other resources you may be using. I always recommend https://refold. Take it even further by reading 8 Brain Benefits to Learning a …. I do not know the criteria for "the best" way. Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary: University of California, Davis. but studyspanish is a good place to start. com for checking the grammar that you've learned on language transfer. 2 Spend 2+ hours per day engaging the language. You can form a pretty solid base from that and also learn how people actually speak it. Go to the textbooks tab and find “Breaking the Spanish Barrier 1” for beginner vocabulary. joannabannana • Intermediate (B1-B2) • 3 yr. But the best and fastest way is to do both at the same time. You'll figure out how your bf can best support you along the way. There are many ways to learn Spanish. I’m a native English speaker who took Spanish in. Try an immersive Spanish experience. This means learning vocabulary and grammar rules in the context of daily situations or larger conversations. Go for Michel Thomas, it's a great way to get familiar with the basic structure of a language in a short time. The language production steps can be done independently from the comprehension steps (you can do them later if preferred) A2:. I am very self conscious about this because I love, respect and identify with the values and traditions of Mexican culture far more than I do American culture; but I cannot connect deeply w Spanish speaking friends/extended family. I got frustrated and eventually took a long break from learning. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. I imagine Spanish-speaking teachers will teach French in ways that explain "and this is how it's similar to Spanish". Learn from Authentic Videos with FluentU. This podcast was awarded the prestigious Gabriel Marques Prize for Innovation in Journalism in 2014 and the Third Coast/Richard H. It depends how much time you have on your hands. So way back in March I made a post here dedicating this entire god-awful year to learning Spanish, and surprise- surprise, I spent 8 months studying, reading and speaking and I am currently B1 in Spanish, able to have basic conversations and understand a sizeable chunk of media, news or books. Usually percentages higher than 95% of comprehension are recommended. Best for Professionals: Live Lingua. Have you heard about the 80/20 Rule? With languages, this refers to how 20% of words are used 80% of the time (or more), 20% of verbs are used 80% of the time, etc. It’s a one-stop-shop to learn and practice Spanish verb conjugations, as well as vocabulary, grammar, and even your listening skills. Just know that written language will differ greatly from the way the language sounds in natural. Mi Vida Loca An interactive fmv mystery game. It's still out there but you gotta look for it. Pokemon is another good option. Best Way to Learn Spanish in 2023 (6 Expert Tips). English is my second language, the main language I have been using for the last 40 years. You're going to hear it, read and use it anytime you're out in that world. If I had to start over again, I would’ve started this, instead of grammar and vocabulary, at the age of seven. Listen to Spanish Radio and Podcasts 7. The FSI suggestion for classroom instruction time to be fluent in Spanish is about 600 hours. "Wasn't trying to cause a sink" "have their reason" Yet you're telling a deaf person to sign by enforcing it, stating basically how proud you are to be a hearie enforcing a deaf person to sign cause it's life for youmeanwhile I'm simply asking. The family will teach you conversational Spanish. Most people who study alone will struggle more with listening/speaking. Is there an app where you can learn what you want whenever? for example, duolingo makes you complete 9 units before you learn about numbers. I also used Anki to accelerate my vocabulary. Adjust Your Lifestyle to Accommodate Language Lessons 4. Again, BlueChew was just alright, but my hubby still had to go the prescription route and, as I said, it isn't exactly cheap. As well as podcast-style lessons, you’ll find videos, a vocabulary database and dictionary, grammar explanations and various other useful features. You have to learn to let the foreign words soak over you for what they simply are. ago The foundations of Spanish are basically 1 through 4 at the community college level. LLN has a mode to let you auto pause after each line of text and lets you go back one line of text. As far as listening goes, I highly recommend movies, t. I was listening to some Romeo Santos the other day on the radio and Sobredosis came on the playlist randomly and I really liked it. Coupled with some quality conversation practice and exposure to Spanish with more realistic daily language, it’s a nice way to get started and stay motivated to make language learning part of your daily routine. This free online Spanish course breaks down each stage of learning (beginner, advanced etc. Learn Vocabulary from Spanish Novels 5. Wares most people out) 3: in the beginning learn the accent, basics, through audio cds or some other grammar device. As you can see, Spanish is one of the most accessible languages for English speakers. Hello! I recently got the app Duolingo on my cellphone and started having Spanish lessons in order to be able to speak within Latin America. Tips to learn Spanish for a total beginner? : r/Spanish. As a result, I never really learned the rules for writing accents and I also never formally learned grammar as they were covered in Spanish 1 and 2. Try until you fail and keep trying. The Spanish speaking country is at your. Maybe watching movies, the news or street interviews from that time and examining critically. I think it's important to do sentence building and grammar book exercises which ask you to write full sentences, which you can then check against an answer key. Partake in an immersion language program. Language exchange / Tutors: HelloTalk, Tandem. Looking into Mexico or South America, best way to learn Spanish?. In short, for the thrill of learning a language. Learn Grammar with Textbooks 4. The best way to learn a language is to dive into it, honestly. 2- watched a lot of eng movies, series and YouTube videos with eng subs on. Well, you're already making the best first step anyone can make towards learning a new language. Lingopie Music is Lingopie's newest free feature; it brings you Spanish songs and lyrics at the click of a button. how did you learn Spanish online? Which courses you …. So, does Semenax work? Hell to the yes. Whether you need a translation for business, travel, or personal use, there are a variety of options available. Consuming audio and audiovisual in any language will always help you get more familiar with a lenguage, maybe you don't realize it right away but in the. 6 Powerful Ways to Practice Advanced Spanish Grammar. How to Improve your Spanish Learning Outcomes with YouTube Why Learn Spanish on YouTube? First of all, you might be asking why would I learn Spanish with YouTube?. You can both help each other when you get lost!. Before I lay out the top ways to learn Spanish, I recommend you checking out this article which goes much more into depth with how you can learn the Spanish language in less time. Here's a big thread about what games have the best Spanish VOs. Hell, if you're serious enough about it set your OS to spanish. My tested method thanks to which I …. The Spanish course is all about Mexico, and the man has a perfect Mexico DF accent. 4 Listen to media in the target language constantly. IMO, the best app to learn Spanish, Reddit, is Babbel. The best way to learn Norwegian : r/norsk. It goes right from absolute beginner to. Looking for entertaining ways to learn Mexican Spanish : r/Spanish. whereabouts in jersey tho kinda depends. Get ready for real-life experiences with lessons on practical topics One of the best things about learning Spanish with Mondly is the focus on practical. Habit: it is very important to establish the habit of doing something in spanish every day, for example listening to music, reading articles, learning some vocabulary, talking with people, whatever it is, the sooner you have this. ), if you want to learn Mexican slang I recommend MexTalki (podcast) or No Hay Tos (podcast). I’d also recommend listening to an “easy” book you know well in English, and download the Spanish language version (example: the first book in the Harry Potter series). If you're a beginner I would watch Spanish content with English subtitles to gain a better overall understanding of the language sounds and tempo. Make the first month Language Transfer + Dreaming Spanish, and then after that it's all just more immersion and vocab. it has helped me a lot and given me the confidence to practice which helps grow my vocabulary/ability to understand. Quick: I need to relearn Spanish! Long story short, I have a potentially great job offer IF I can become fluent in Spanish. I am in your position (in reverse), and considering learning …. It's very important that you understand that the best way to learn is 1 on 1, whether it be online or in person. Apps can be helpful but if your goal is to speak and understand spoken Spanish, it's really important to practice speaking and listening. Learning Spanish with Duolingo realistic? : r/duolingo. The best way to learn a dialect or slang is to hang around Cubans if that’s the dialect you want to learn. nonneb EN, DE, ES, GRC, LAT; ZH • 10 yr. A great tool is finding a native speaker to use as a conversation partner. 250 hours of Comprehensible Input for Thai (personal experience) 116. Best app to learn languages? (from your personal experience. The final book in this series is the only one that's designed specifically for Spanish learners who want to start learning with stories on Day 1. The word “bovine” popped into my head and I literally can’t forget it now! I have an M. 12 Engaging Spanish News Sites to Practice Your Language …. This will help you easily remember the words you’ve learned when you need them. The problem (if it is a problem at all) is that I would like to learn it on my own - via app (paid or free), a text book/pdf or something like that. You might sometimes be required to translate your corrected sentences if they contain too many errors. I think having a more diversified learning plan would greatly help me retain more. I did duolingo for a few months before taking 3 semesters of apanish at a Community College. Ive been listening in the car during my commutes, and it’s been really great for just listening and repeating. When they arrived, they quickly began opening up new trade routes and spreading Chr. Also cartoons in latin spanish, like kids and teens cartoons (the best are from the 2010s), adult ones too. Reddit is a platform that, unlike others, allows you to add text, …. Something I could access on my phone so I can do it whenever I think about it. Hellotalk is good for when you've got a decent grasp on Spanish and want to get. Being in a Spanish-speaking country means that every time you go out, you’ll find Spanish. First put together in the 1950s after rigorous studies and testing, Dr. Silver_ultimate Learner • 2 yr. I'm a native speaker of Spanish so the easiest way for me to learn English was to learn how the sentences are made Knowing how to create a sentence is the key Also music can help you, try searching for the lyrics of the song, and what they mean. I tried listening to podcasts and reading books, but it's all so above my level that im not really gaining anything from it. Basically just try to immerse yourself in the language as best as you can. Speak Dutch by Mondly requires just five minutes of practice a day. Proper Spanish spoken in Mexico isn't that different from Spanish spoken elsewhere. The best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Conjugemos teaches the Spanish basics similar to how you would learn them in an actual classroom. Consume spanish media (series, films, programs) and text with people in spanish. With these three apps, there is no way you wont learn if you stick with it. Try paying for a teacher or another paid app if …. If you keep at it day after day, chiseling away at spanish, you'll find yourself oneday pleasantly surprised with your capabilities. Even after all these years, it is hard to argue against the quality of the Coffee Break Spanish Podcast. This is to practice speaking with a native speaker or qualified teacher and to get guidance on what to learn next. Best way to find a good dictionary is to ask in the subreddit for the language you learn or country where that language is spoken. It's 100% free, fun and science-based. I agree start with duolinguo, it’s great. And more than 30 hours of TV I can now understand mostly everything to a conversational standard. Spanish Immersion Software: 19 Stellar Programs for Language Learning. Accents: Various Latin American accents, US-Latin American. In summary, here are 10 of our most popular spanish courses. I mean really as much as you can even on the buss, when doing chores, taking a walk. So zero Spanish to conversationally fluent in about 2 years, but of course, a year of immersion and a college course load 100% in Spanish speeds things along. If you are able to download Anki to your computer/phone/tablet you can find a variety of vocabulary decks, or start your own, to practice digital flashcards. I use a browser extension called Fluent, which replaces one or two words in articles with Spanish. Breath of the Wild is like that, and I've learned so much from that game. Start with English subtitles, graduate to watching with Spanish ones. In olden days there were no languages people used to communicate using signs, they made actions as their words and started communicating with the people but later they found …. About a year ago I took Spanish one for the second time for credit hours. Take a spanish proficiency test every week until you get to B2. Best way to learn Spanish : r/languagelearning. I would say if you wanna learn Spanish the best way is to watch movies you know in English in Spanish with English subtitles. However, it seems useful to have a step in there for crushing vocab with spaced repetition. best way to learn spanish 25 y/o and money is not a barrier. Set small, but frequent goals for yourself. There are lots of games with the "spanish" tag on itch. I personally love Duolingo because of the bite-sized format, the ability to learn basic conjugation, and focus on reading/writing are great. It's great for having a roadmap, steps to follow. Some Latin Americans use vos for informal singular "you" while Spaniards and other …. Watching movies and series in Spanish I believe is the best way of learning. Free Courses — Language Transfer. i just started using the app "lingvist", which actually helps you practice like 100 spanish words a day, which isn't nearly as hard as it sounds. 30 Best Online Spanish Courses: We've Tested Them. During all this time of studying spanish, i think 3 factors have made the biggest difference in my personal journey. Anki is good for reinforcing vocabulary/sentences you learn while immersing (listening/reading to) in the above media. Learning spanish in 3 months? : r/learnspanish. Later, come back to it and study the pair of words again. Set Your Goals, Plan, and Organize Your Calendar. The methods I am currently using is: The B1 Lingodeer Spanish Course. That and Anki + Youtube is pretty much all I need. I still think in Spanish bc once you learn one the others just become easier to comprehend. Nervous-Juice-3263 • Beginner (A1-A2) • 2 yr. When it comes to translating Spanish to English, having the right translator can make all the difference. With millions of active users and page views per month, Reddit is one of the more popular websites for discussions online. Best way to learn Spanish? : r/UCDavis. Best way to learn Spanish? : r/AskNYC. Really the most efficient way, besides immersion or making it your full time job, is to just spend as much time as possible every day studying. Possibly buy some online tutoring lessons. Listen and try to distinguish and recognize words, and it gets easier the more you listen to …. It’ll let you loop lines of dialogue while seeing both the English and Spanish subtitles. Duolingo is good but it helps to try lots of different things. I’m finding that jobs are limited for even entry level positions like medical assistant/medical scribe if you’re not Spanish/English bilingual. The mobile app, on the other hand, is user-friendly and easy to get into. Related Learning: Ask WHY First (Not How or What) Learning to speak fluent Spanish can be way easier than a Spanish teacher will ever admit. Would like advice from Mexicans : r/Spanish. Use Google Translate to memorise any common phrases you might need. 7 Tips To Learn Spanish Fast – StoryLearning. You'll hone your listening skill and will learn many words, phrases, etc. These guys were one of the first ones to get started in the language podcasting space in 2008 and truly do a fantastic job teaching the Spanish language to all learning levels. Have them speak spanish to you in day-to-day situations, and slowly try to use it more and more until you don't need english as a help anymore. I know people who have learnt Spanish without …. Once you reach intermediate level, the Resident Evil remakes are really fun to play in Spanish! Edit: Spelling. Translate an English children’s book into Spanish. Books, Short Stories, and Poetry 3c. Anyways, the BIGGEST thing you can do is to go slow and make sure that you absolutely understand the language that you're speaking. The most effective way to learn Spanish vocabulary with flashcards is to do multiple, short sessions a day. The Best Way to Learn Spanish Meanings Through Actions. I also want to be learning things I’ll actually use first. When I returned to the UK, I connected with a guy on Conversation Exchange who is Argentinian. However, you will also learn more than you would with any other strategy. When I took Spanish in high school, I went straight to Spanish 3. There are many great Spanish courses and apps that will allow you to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, and some of them offer virtual one-on-one Spanish lessons. Best way to learn Spanish in Miami : r/Miami. I am wondering the best way to learn Spanish given the fact that I am based in Texas. Extr@ Mini-Review: Friends-Like TV Show for Language Learning. I do audio books in the car and love it. Anki is usually the go-to vocab app, but Drops and Memrise are a little more engaging. I want to learn to speak Mexican Spanish fluently Where. If you’ve ever come across a website written in another language, your browsing either stops short or you bounce right off to find a different website. 35 Best Online Spanish Courses In 2023 (Personally Tested). Duolingo, hellotalk, youtube videos (search for the series Easy Spanish), youtube classes/grammar explanations. If your family is around you, honestly just ask them to help you speak Spanish and just talk strictly in Spanish for an hour a day. ago by studmuffin707 Best way to learn Spanish? To be honest I can't find any general consensus on the best software/app to learn Spanish. Taking a college course is usually best. Apps- I really like duolingo because it's free, but. Come prepared with a pen and paper (old skool) or use your phone to type back and forth. I also recently switched my phone to Spanish, so most of my apps followed suite, and also started playing some videogames in Spanish as well. If there’s a genre you like in English, there’s more than likely a bunch of Spanish. In my opinion, it is the perfect first book to read for Spanish learners. Learn songs, read a book, study missing grammar. *Download a program like Anki to help you memorize vocabulary. Best way to learn Spanish in Valencia? : r/valencia. What is the best FREE resource/website and app to learn Spanish?. ) I'd read a a sentence in Spanish, then in English, then back in Spanish. The constitutional capital of Bolivia, Sucre is alive with Spanish schools offering excellent rates for private or group classes, plus very low costs of living. I listen to 5 different podcasts, some conversational, some instructional. For example, type “fun Spanish quotes Reddit” in your search engine of choice and it will give you quick results. For languages like French, Spanish, German, and Italian, I'm a huge fan of Duolingo. It's good and a nice level of detail. What are the best ways to learn Spanish? : r/asklatinamerica. Quick tip: Go to youtube settings---> General -----> Location and put the location to any spanish speaking country Then: Go to (Explore/Trending) and you will see a lot of videos of people talking at a natural peace, and you will also get to know the culture more. I agree with DownBagel about starting with something free. Reading recommendations for a Spanish learner : r/Spanish. Later on you can start reading books and trying to immerse yourself as much as possible in that language. Netflix has a lot of Spanish-language programming, and all …. Be patient — Fastest way to learn a language. Visit to The Spanish Institute of Puebla is a highly regarded Spanish Language School provides…. If your commute to work is 15-20 minutes each way, you could listen to two SpanishPod101 episodes per day no matter how busy you are. How to Learn Medical Spanish: 6 Best Online Courses. Unlike dialects of Arabic, all dialects of Spanish are mutually intelligible, like dialects of English. Although these are tips are perfect for working through a movie on your own, it wouldn’t hurt to get with a friend who’s in the same situation as you. You don’t really need to learn so much of the daily-life Spanish like you’re never gonna ask any of your patients where the biblioteca is. Learn the foundations with the right resources. It's enough to get started and survive in a Spanish speaking country. The goal is to try, even if you. On YouTube there is a series that was made specifically for Spanish language learners. Learning a language is like watching a plant grow. Spanish was my first language and remained my dominant language until about middle school. Duolingo is a popular application that makes studying and learning Spanish free, fun, and interactive. ) Don’t worry about choosing an accent/ dialect in …. Babbel is great for its structured courses, getting you all conversational and stuff with real-life scenarios – none of that "the cow says moo" nonsense. Lessons feature vocabulary and audio. As others have mentioned, you need to prioritize listening to natural language use, but you need to read just as. In Spanish movies, just like English movies, they speak fast, use a lot of. I am a Mexican-American born in the Midwest of the U. 249 mil subscribers in the Spanish community. Instead, you could translate a web page from Spanish to English so you can read it easil. Not sure where to find tools for learning Spanish? These articles might help. It may not be the best way to learn, but it's the best way to keep with it. So my indie Top 9 means that these resources are not part of a big corporation or brand of language businesses. r/AskReddit on Reddit: Best way to learn Spanish?. Subscribe to a Spanish-language podcast. Watching 1 hour of Spanish TV and adding 5 sentences to Anki daily will take you very far. It was produced in the 1990s, so the production value is a bit dated, but the subject matter is engaging — you get to follow a lawyer as he investigates a family secret. If this gets a good reception, I also have another set of flashcards I'd like to create for beginners that has the 5,000 most common words in Spanish. Speaking of music lyrics, listen …. Just learn Spanish, "medical Spanish" is just scamming doctors out of money. Are you interested in learning Spanish? One of the first steps towards fluency is mastering the Spanish alphabet. Forvo Mini-Review: Audio Pronunciation of Millions of Words. 6 Spanish Books For Beginners You Need To Read. Good luck! Coffee Break Spanish. While it looks similar to the English alphabet, there are some differences that you need to be aware of. It makes good on that claim by delivering a personalized, step-by-step method of instruction where words are treated as building blocks, which then form phrases and sentences. Spanish and italian are so similar that you should understand something anyway, you could also use subtitles first in Spanish than in italian to improve your comprehension. Stage 5: Get drunk at parties and start chatting to native speakers out of the blue and feel a lot more comfortable chatting in Spanish. It’s a fairly ineffective way of learning since the language used there is quite artificial and far of from the Spanish you will actually encounter in the real world. join a Spanish speaking group - look on meetup and Facebook, or if you take CC often the instructors will have suggestions here. There might not be a single "best" way to learn Spanish that fits everyone, but there are some programs that are more effective for certain people, situations and goals. 5 hours, I recommend starting by running through duolingo unit 1 as fast as possible and watching every dreaming spanish super beginner video. It'll teach you all the basic ins and outs of having conversations in spanish. Starting with reading, you will be able to understand the structure of the written language in context. It has distinctive pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar features not found in other dialects. Try not to choose movies where they're talking in strong dialect (e. For me it's always been a lot easier to write Spanish correctly than to speak it. I think Duolingo, memrise, Rosetta Stone and so on are mostly gimmicks and a waste of time. Happy_Traveller_2023 N 🇨🇦🇭🇰🇨🇳 | A2 🇫🇷 | L 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇵🇭🇻🇳🇮🇩🇹🇭🇮🇷. Start watching Spanish Netflix shows. r/AskReddit on Reddit: What is the best way to learn …. Don’t go to Barcelona to learn Spanish. Option 1: Rocket Spanish (Language and Culture component) Rocket Spanish has that audio course component (mentioned above) but also comes with a full grammar course, kind of like an interactive, multimedia textbook. Hello, I am looking for the fastest way possible to get as close to speaking somewhat fluent Spanish as possible. So im currently setting personal goals for 2023 and reaching B2/ fluency level in Spanish is one of them. Also great for commuting and falling asleep. Once You've Got Your Groove Back, Mix Things Up! 5. You can shorten your time significantly if you want to. Torture and Punishment During the Spanish Inquisition - Torture and punishment during the Spanish Inquisition was supposed to be rare, but wasn't. 4 Great Types of Video for Learning Spanish with Subtitles Movies. Most important you will impress your friends when they look at your phone. The fun comes in when you learn the language and start to understand gradually 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% of what you're watching. Butterfly Spanish covers almost everything there is to learn about the Spanish language. While this podcast covers the fundamentals that can be used in all Spanish-speaking countries, the focus is on Latin America in terms of the language, cultural notes and activities that involve visualizing yourself in places like …. The best way to customize your Reddit account to suit your liking is to join as. For tourism purposes you need to know how to order coffee, or ask what time is it, or order food, stuff like that. There is also How to Spanish Podcast(Mexico) and Charlas Hispanas(like Hoy Hablamos but Latin America and less developed). They're insider tips that you might miss otherwise. Then you can work with a competent teacher and with other learners at your same level. Duolingo shouldn’t be your only source of learning a language. Under the heading “Content Language” check the box for español or all future endeavors here will be for naught. In Africa it's very roughly 1/3 Arabic, If you take into account how long it takes to learn the language, and bluffing your way through similar languages (for example, Spanish and Portuguese), you'd probably get the most coverage the quickest with Spanish, followed by French and. You might want to give them a try. Do this for a 100-150 hours and your comprehension will be waaaaaay better. Im targeting basic conversational spanish by next year. By now, you should be able to have any type of conversation at a basic level. most people go to duolingo or other sources of help for vocab i'm suprosed lingvist isn't more popular 😅 i have a samsung though. I will definitely have a look at it. Also diableros was the fucking bomb. Español Automatico Mini-Review: A Natural, Manageable Speed. There are many ways you can learn Spanish, each with its own advantages and downsizes. Also pleco for looking up characters and stroke order. to learn Spanish to surprise someone close. The appropriate greeting, the accent, and the right grammar won’t come in a …. Children’s books are a good place to start because the language is usually basic enough to translate without having to worry about difficult words or long and advanced sentences. You could also learn to speak by moving to a Spanish-speaking country for an extended period of time, but that still won't teach you to write. The most well-known immersion method is traveling to a Spanish-speaking country since it forces you to start picking up the language to survive everyday interactions. But basically you learn another language by learning it. ago Spend your time actually studying, then use Duo as a place to exercise ehat you've learned. Go to your preferences at the top right corner of the page. Oh, and make sure to stop by r/Spanish! I just subscribed there myself after deciding to re-learn Spanish after high school. Spanish TV shows and movies (no English subtitles) 3. I would like to learn Spanish to better help them but all the apps don’t provide me with the words I need. Babbel was the best app I used to learn Spanish. Even 3D Mario games like Galaxy and Sunshine can teach you new things. It's really important to get enough input in each language you study. r/Spanish: We are the biggest Reddit community dedicated to discussing, teaching and. Look like you have identified choice #2, to go out and practice every day. How to Learn Spanish Fast (or any other language) I had never studied Spanish before. Practice makes perfect: Reading comprehension. Rather Valencia if you wish a smaller place close to the sea, Salamanca for a small town in the center with lots of students or Madrid as the capital more cosmopolitan than the others and where …. I personally use Pocket Películas en Español. Agree on dreaming spanish, the good thing about it is videos are classified from superbeginner to advanced, so you can find content that suitable to your current level. Best Way to Learn Spanish after Spanish One. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise are good ones. Spanish-language movies are a great way to learn real Spanish. But this also depends on which continents you prioritize. Best ways to learn Mandarin (Chinese)? : r/languagelearning. I like pimleur, fluenz and fluencia, and learning Spanish like crazy. It's better to do a little bit everyday then trying to cram all your studying into a single day. ChatGPT is like a random person you might find yourself seated next to in a bus or plane. Apart from talking to an online tutor (who is preferably a native), you should find other ways to talk to Spanish native speakers. The Assimil Catalan course from Spanish is one of the best courses they've made, if you don't feel like jumping right into native material. Hoy Hablamos is the best one by far! They are from Spain and post 5 episodes every week and have for years. Follow r/Spanish for lots of tips on grammar and interesting discussions about cultural differences between word meanings in different countries (the verb Coger. After graduating from university, I got an internship in Mendoza, Argentina. What you need is a good grasp of Spanish grammar, then you can move on to medically-oriented Spanish. To best facilitate the study of language and culture, the course is taught almost exclusively in Spanish. The most efficient way to learn French is to have a strong reason to learn it. The differences between the dialects and accents of Spanish are not that big, once you've established a base level of knowledge you can easily brush up on specific varieties. obviously studying medical spanish and immersing yourself in a spanish speaking community is the best way but this can all easily be done over the course of a few weeks without spending any money on traveling. I think the best way for me to learn is by actually doing it. It's free and you only pay ($10/month) if you want to save words or use their dictionary. Reading works best when you can read adult books. Perhaps a newer version is available for download. Normally via dating apps with my location set to somewhere they are more interested in gringoes, like Colombia. I tried at first using Duolingo but found that although I was learning to read and write Spanish I still couldn’t hear the language. The process is simple but dedicating yourself can be a challenge. I live in Chile and I have been learning Spanish for exactly a year now. The course includes 30 daily lessons, each of which should take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. With our free mobile app and web, everyone can Duolingo. Same goes for conversations and even music lyrics. I’m also learning Spanish and I’m wondering which is the best way to become fluent becaus I can’t learn the words easily but when it comes to stringing. Since you are not a complete newbie, you can pick a monolingual one too. I had Instant Immersion - Spanish discs. He has an app called lingq and its my favorite app for language learning. I don't mind putting in hours and putting in the effort, either!. Read (using readling or lingq) consume content (I'd do Dreaming Spanish; I started straight on native content and it probably retarded my learning a bit). UNIQUE OFFER: Use code MEZZOGUILD for 25% off any of their course options. Clevver TeVe : Basically celebrity news in Spanish. The Pimsleur Method, pioneered by Dr. Here’s a look at the best subreddits to learn Spanish. I'm really proud of my progress but i also wanna. You don't need to look for a resource that specifically teaches "Mexican Spanish" in it. If one can read texts without translating, it is great. It’s also a top pick among the Fluent in 3 Months team. Honestly, for me the “fastest” way to learn Spanish is to try to spend lots of time learning. that doesn’t know how to speak hardly any Spanish 😔. Don't be afraid to ask the people for help, and use hand gestures. Consider a big lifestyle change. Another alternative (and the one I use the most) is to Google your search query and add the word “Reddit” to it. Best way to learn Spanish in the city? All of the Spanish based learning platforms in the world won’t give me the real world experience I need. Well it's not free, but if you already have a netflix subscription, there's a pretty good number of tv shows using Castilian Spanish, and they generally have subtitles. If you already know French and English, it's about as easy as language learning can get. Every post on Reddit recommends going to a Spanish speaking country or surrounding yourself with Spanish speakers. And then most importantly by chatting with people online. Speaking spanish with friends and coworkers. Not to mention, translation and interpretation have served both me and my school tremendously. If you want to learn Spanish fast, there’s no better way than to go all in. There are existing decks for Catalan vocabulary, and you can also make your own (a good source of vocab would be words you don't know from the books above). If you follow our tips, you’ll be able to make your voyage to your destination in the quickest way possible. Use Every Opportunity to Deepen Fluency When Abroad. The program covers the basics, but it also covers more specialized topics including everything from investing to flirting. Travel to Spanish-speaking Countries 9. way to learn Spanish in two months? : r/Spanish. Really motivated to learn Spanish for travel, my gf, and business (invest often in LatAm). However, I do not know Spanish, sorry. I am going to visit my family in April and my great grandmother does not speak English. If your excited every time you sit down to work on learning the language rather than feeling as if it's a chore, then you're going to push forward and get so much more accomplished. To me, the main mistake, from a teacher's perspective, is focusing too much on vocabulary and not focusing enough on grammar. Mistakes have a way of working themselves out over time but you need to take every chance you can to practice the little that you do know. Fluent Forever Pronunciation Trainer: Not a speaking course but it trains your ears to listen to the sounds of the language. I personally have found that Disney cartoon movies are easiest for people to learn with. TalkToMeInKorean ( TTMIK) and HowToStudyKorean ( HTSK) are both good resources with a lot of structure. Best way to learn medical/healthcare Spanish? : r/StudentNurse. enchufetv : This falls on the comedy side of Spanish. So if you want to learn a high level of Spanish in a year, if you spend 3/4 hours a day listening and reading the language. 3- started talking with native speakers on the internet for practice. In my case once I achieved an intermediate level in Spanish I started watching Spanish content with Spanish subtitles and it helped my listening comprehension A TON. This is not a Babbel Spanish review, Reddit, so I'm keeping it short. I always knew I wanted to learn Spanish so I decided to take the leap and move to Madrid to learn Spanish and teach English (to have a salary). After a while, start watching the ones in French like Français authentique, Inner French, Easy French, etc. The Spanish came to America to spread the Christian faith and to expand trade. 5 years for an intermediate level and 3. To play in Spanish, just change the language settings in the game options from the main menu. The easiest way to avoid that is to take on Mondly’s challenge of doing one lesson daily. Paul Pimsleur, is one of the oldest and most well-known methods for learning Spanish. English speaker who's learning spanish, I like to change the language settings on games to practice my understanding. It has a huge mass of texts from which it can extract answers for your prompts. From many ways to learn Spanish, applications and movies are classified as the best way to … 0 Comments Leave Your Response Why Free and Best Way to Learn Spanish Still Cannot Make You Able to Speak Spanish Fluently? admin March 29, 2023 best way to learn spanish reddit No Comments Do you want to learn Spanish?. ) Practice writing Spanish; figure out how to put your thoughts to paper. The absolute best way to learn conversational spanish is to "immerse" yourself to the fullest extent. It’s a very good source for reading and learning vocabulary words. Change the language on all your devices to Spanish. And the app should give you more balanced practice. Anki is good for flashcards and there are many resources online to find decks to downloads. My wife only took 3 classes of Spanish in college and speaks surprisingly well. The patterns are actually very consistent, logical, and straightforward. Apps won’t teach context or sentence structure. thanks! Below is a list of (European) Portuguese learning resources I gathered for the crowd here at / r/Portuguese. In addition to the tutoring watch dreaming Spanish videos, read books in Spanish, listen to podcasts in Spanish etc etc etc. After you do that, you can try apps, like. Best way to increase vocabulary? : r/Spanish. The best thing about this channel is that everything he says, has subtitles. YouTube has a lot of Spanish content, Duolingo provides many basic reliable phrases, Drops give me many words and helps me memorize them through pictures, Anki provides most of my new vocabulary and words. It's an important part of the learning process, and it will make it more effective, but if you're starting with it you'll just end up memorizing words without knowing how to use them. Alternatively, socialize with native speakers; if you can find a native speaker boyfriend/girlfriend all the better. rosso_dixit Native Speaker • …. the most effective free way to learn Spanish. PulsatillaAlpina • Native Speaker • 3 yr. click on the videos you like and subscribe to their channels. It's not always fun, but try to find ways to enjoy the process. Intentar is "to try" but you can see how its similar to "intend" in english. When you finish the two audio courses in two months, start a graded reader for half an hour. The best app for conversational Spanish is called HB. Defense Language Institute is 24 weeks of full time learning Spanish as a full time job to reach a level 3 on a scale of 1-5, they call 3 competence level where fluency is level 4. The House On Mango Street is sort of a touching young adult novel that is often found in Spanish. They say if not the best but one of the best ways to learn Spanish. Best Ways to Learn Spanish in San Jose? : r/SanJose. They’re long enough to fully immerse viewers in the language and environment while still being quite entertaining. The best way to learn a language is to actually DO something! Maybe 1-1 tutoring is the most efficient, but it’s too expensive, or a group class is more fun, or you can only fit Anki decks into your day, etc. Guerra de Vecinos - good because it is a comedy so its paced a little slower and its mostly low brow humor so you don't miss much context. I read translated books and poems. I would love to learn the language but in a way that benefits my job as I learn if that. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply interested in expanding your horizons, mastering the English language can open doors to new opportunities. Get a Human Being to talk to you. Also Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are good for learning as well. Shadowing is one of the best ways to learn Spanish and acquire a great …. Seems like we're mostly in agreeement; start with language transfer and work toward input. Another fantastic way you could learn the Spanish language would be to: 1-defer residency for a few years. "If want to learn Spanish with TV series, you’re in the right place! On this channel, you'll find the best Shows and Spanish movies to learn Spanish in a natural fun way. Unlock the Secrets of Delicious Spanish Rice with this Simple Recipe. Now, in case you’re wondering, you should be aware that once you start learning a language, there’s only a very low chance that your skills will disappear (forever) if you stop practicing. Prices are set by tutors and you have the option to buy one lesson at a time or purchase a few lessons in bulk for a discounted price. Mark the day when you’ll take your final test. In addition, there is an English spoken channel called Ten Minutes Spanish just aiming Spanish pronunciation. From Beginner to Advanced: Best Free Online English Courses in Spanish. Destinos is an award-winning Spanish video course made up of fifty-two 30-minutes episodes. Focus on proficiency, not mastery. Most Recommended Resources For Learning Spanish. That’s the best way to make your hearing get used to pronunciation. On youtube, I like Butterfly Spanish for beginners. In your opinion, which is the best way to learn spanish? : r. Cómo hablar bien en público: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I ordered this book couple weeks ago and can’t wait to start learning. Hi there, I have personally tried Notes in Spanish and News in Slow Spanish: they are really well done and quite useful for beginners. Whats the best way to learn Spanish in the city? I'm starting at a novice high school/early college knowledge of the language. Learn 5-10 words a day, but learn them in a way that you will be sure to remember them. All have been effective ways for me to improve in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, and a few other languages. Start with the English ones first like Street French, Parapluie French, Logic Language Learning, etc. Go to your local Mexican diner during slow hours and talk with the server. The explanations are comprehensive, but still pretty friendly and easy to understand. I just prefer signing over speaking wasn't trying to cause a stink. Best place to learn spanish online for free? : r/Spanish. It’s also useful to start listening to music in Spanish. The tip is genuinely speak spanish in "the wild", aboid any language that is not spanish. whats the best way to learn spanish? : r/teenagers. Reading helps a lot with writing. Make friends with people who speak both Spanish and English. to learn Spanish, what's the best approach?. The best way to learn Spanish? You need these 4 tools. Games that have taught me a lot are: Animal Crossing, Breath of the Wild, Stardew Valley. The recommended 15-20 minutes per day is best broken down into 3 or 4 short 5-minute sessions study. Reddit user, CodingCore, has doubts that Duolingo is the most effective way to learn Russian. Lengalia and Fluencia are probably the best two Spanish 'apps'. Plus, Ecuador boasts the highest capital in the world: Quito, the #2 UNESCO site that is also voted the cheapest city and best-expat-life hub in the world. Mine offers courses lasting several months for as low as $40, and they have ones available for everyone from total beginners to B2 level speakers. Sit down and think about why you must learn fluent Spanish in 6 months. These include free apps like Duolingo, which …. (The subtitles aren't 100% faithful to what's being said, but it's close enough to help with listening comprehension. Summary: This platform matches you with tutors according to your learning preferences and needs, and they’re great at assessing your progress. What’s the best way to learn Norwegian? : r/Norway. Watch Movies and TV in Spanish 2. Since smart phones make it so easy to translate languages to other languages, I ended that quest to learn Spanish. Duolingo is a popular application that …. To anyone on the fence about this, especially the practical folks like me always hunting for the good shit that works, give this one a whirl. Summary: According to FSI, if you spend 3 hours per day learning Spanish, you’ll achieve fluency in around six months. How Long Does It Take to Be Fluent in Spanish?. Our intensive Spanish courses here at FU International Academy Tenerife contain 20 x 45-minute classes per week and are one of the fastest ways to learn Spanish. You have e-->i,e-->ie, o-->ue, etc. And phrasebooks can help with that. When you can speak a bit and feel confident try italki and try to get a language partner or a teacher. I'm open to online classes, but would like to take advantage of in-person language resources in this city. It's the best way to start learning spanish. Where apps come in handy is for learning new vocabulary. I am primarily wanting to use to for job opportunities. If you do use notesinspanish, watch out for the Madrid pronunciation where they talk as if they have a lisp. Change your phone's language to Spanish. It sounds like I should probably stick to Duolingo for the time being 😊. ” The Nickelodeon cartoon has been dubbed for Spanish and Latin American audiences since its first season in 1999. It only takes 5 minutes to do it and it’s the best way to keep your Spanish knowledge fresh. That said, subtitles have their place in you your learning. The whole concept of just doing an app and you'll be fluent doesn't work. I had to learn Spanish as I wanted to live in Mexico, but other languages were purely for interest. Best free ways to learn? : r/Spanish. Just wondering if anyone else is concerned, and taking the steps to. Easy Spanish, Españolistos, Charlas Hispanas (covers multiple countries and accents, gives grammar lessons), Hoy Hablamos Gramática, Spanishland School Podcast: 10-Minute Spanish Tips, How To Spanish (also they do live events on Youtube like puzzle games and crosswords or have guests on). Finding a good grammar and a dictionary would also probably be beneficial. Thanks for sharing! I actually look forward to my language classes with a tutor. Means, you can watch movies or videos (with subtitles in that language) and listen to music, while reading the lyrics. Im currently teaching a german guy bv giving him speaking classes. It's not enough by itself, but it's easy to organize the rest of your language-learning project around it. That’s why Spanish might be easier than Dutch. 95 (auto-applied discount) Summary: Rocket Spanish is perfectly suited to the structured learner type - those looking for a straight progression from the basics right through to the advanced level material. But my priority was to travel and learn Spanish. No Hay Tos is a learning podcast (intermediate level) that focuses on Spanish from Mexico. What is the best way to learn Spanish? I have decided that I would like to eventually buy property in Patagonian Chile. You're still going to need courses to fully learn the language, but immersion makes what you learn seem meaningful, so it'll make it easier to keep you motivated and help you progress faster. Spanish has 90 30-min courses where you learn one per day, so after 3 months you can hold yourself in conversations. Want to know how to learn Spanish language easy way. You can't do much initially, but it'll grow. I recommend it because in addition to learning spoken Spanish, you learn basic handyman skills. Plus, you can learn anytime, anywhere. " "Listening to Complete Spanish the second time around for a refresher and remembering how great it is. If you use it, they have some presets for Spanish vocabulary but I’d suggest making your own set consisting of words you read and don’t know. Even so, there will still be times when it’s a struggle. Language exchange websites like Interpals could help you get started, for example. For example, I am learning the Russian alphabet and the letter B in Russian is a v sound in English. What is the best way to learn Spanish in LA that doesn't involve: Moving to Westlake. Good for learning basic vocabulary and grammar. Catcssule23 • Learner 🇲🇽 • 2 yr. Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it.