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Interactive Weight Gain Games211: 145777: October 20, 2023 Release 0. A short Twine romp at a Halloween house-party. Where Can You Find CB1 Weight Gainer in a Store Near You?. They had to be taken to another country for thei. This is the first prize for my not so recent contest, "Divine Judgement" ( fav. Discussion about games that were not made with weight gain, fat, or other fetishes in mind but contain it. 68: 57768: April 16, 2022 Total Conversion Belly Mod v1-1-0 (currently out!) …. Try to keep their size humanly possible. Big Anime Tiddie VTuber Ember Ushi! Ember 🐮 Ushi. One character is your more standard fighter, however, his companion has been …. A weight gain interactive for fans of the hit DS game The World Ends With You. (-1) Kongregate free online game Fat Feeder - Feed it! Make it heavier! Fats, vitamins, sugar, meatchoose the correct nutrients and feed Play Fat Feeder. The next day, the player begins by playing a meal-building minigame called ‘Split it up’, detailed later in the document. The Weight Gain of the characters from Digimon Season 4 or Digimon Frontier! Mizu. Chubberdy January 1, 2022, 9:23pm #1. A simple little game where you make numbers go up to beat bosses. Find NSFW games tagged weight-gain like Dojo Crawler, Stealth On The Shelf, WG Gardener, Lifebook Ch. Find Role Playing games tagged weight-gain like Princess Goblin Story, Heavy Depths Version 0. I have a problem though gamedev wise, this game is so unfair and I'll go over each problem I have with it. Come up with interesting ways to make the characters gain weight. A SMT inspired weight gain kink. which you are looking for are served for you on this website. A simple, One click/touch game to pass the time with Fat …. Find games for Web tagged weight-gain like fⒶt, Reflections VN Alpha, Cafe-O-Chub, Weight Gain Engine, Queen sized 0. You can play it on your phone too. Find Downloadable NSFW games tagged weight_gain like Research Station M-00, Feast Manor, Growth Academy, ONI Fat Chronicles, Cattle Castle 2 on itch. While Bowser was watching TV he turned to Obese TV. - Don't uglify or disfigure the characters, try not to age them either. Chowdown Showdown [18+] Compete against your opponent before they chow down on it! James "Kanto" Burton. 02, Joseph Earnwile in the Crypt of Sloth, Dream of Malpheus on itch. Wii Fit Trainer Inflation Mini-game. Get Paid To Test Weight Loss Pills Interactive Weight Gain Game Weight Loss Shake Gnc Over The Counter Weight Loss Medication Weight Loss Clinics, Yes You Can Fat Burner Interactive Weight Gain Game Weight Loss Drug Information 20 Days Weight Loss Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Womens Weight Loss 2016 Best …. Definitely encourages me to keep going I’ve been working more on mechanics than game since my first post (although I have fleshed out the story so far a little as well). io, the indie game hosting marketplace Interactive Weight Gain Story. Find HTML5 games tagged weight-gain like Dream of Malpheus, Queen sized 0. Latest Update 14-4-20: Larger weight gain stages added, weightgain now slower, maximum sprite size increased two times. Extract the file to your computer (right click and select extract files) 3. (If you went in the warehouse your up next) You gained 20 pounds! Must have been all that buffet junk, plus your dad made a really hearty Mac and cheese and you ate 2 plates and the leftovers, plus you ate the tub of ice cream later, your abs are fading, what do you do. 2020 weightgaming game jam submission. (Example: a planned full size RPG but with only 1 chapter of 1 hour will be considered as a medium game) Warning: I class the games by gameplay, not by length. A 3D BBW/Weight gain visual novel sandbox game where you get to meet, date, feed and have sex with many woman. Showcase of a framework for making …. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · # 1384237. Video Game Weight Gain: Chica. Find games tagged fat like HoneyCombat, The Breakfast Chub, Coinpurse Kobold, Fur Food Contest, Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022) on itch. Legend of Zelda: Weight Gain Interactive. io">Top games for Web tagged weight. Find games tagged weight-gain like Spacethumper 2, Princess Goblin Story, The Breakfast Chub, Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022), space eater force on …. Tetris with elements of weight gain. This game is absolutely, positively wonderful! I'm not …. Boost Your Knowledge with Interactive GK Online Test Platforms. Though if you saved in the gallery room, walk back into the hall and you should be transported to the. All assets are either custom made or provided as default rpg maker assets. com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1276668-Video-Game-Weight-Gain/map/15433222121222232211121. Female Weight Gain! 455 story chapters. Weight Gain----FEATURED CONTENT. Sonftboiz Tummy Text Adventure Game (BETA) by sonftboiz. Realism: weight-related health issues, societal norms and pressure, family concerns, etc. to anyone who has a link to the game download or a …. Through my various searches on this site, I've found little to no weight gain stories for Samus Aran, and thus, this interactive was born. zaynathomas8 2 years ago (+1) How do you play for android? Reply. Find games for Web tagged weight-gain like Queen sized 0. Carlisle, Emmet, Jacob, Jasper, and Edward start gaining. Most students appear in your class at 9:00 Updates: Major Update (11-18-2018) Change Logs (10-30-2018) Future Plans: Revamp text display to scroll automatically and add colors Make a dedicated forums for those who want to contribute their writing (cus I can’t write much) Implement character backgrounds, goals, motivations, and the mechanics that allow those characteristics to change as the. Estimate Weights in Metric Unit Game. This Game Has Been Discontinued. Cartoons, Video Game & Comics Fat Giants. Inflation/Expansion/Weight Gain. games tagged fat and weight. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you. Gay/Male Weight Gain Games. role-playing card game about weight gain. weight-gain, furry, twine, stuffing, anthro, release. Lacto Escape: Expanded by Preggopixels. The games can be played using a computer or mobile device with internet connec. While the walls were decked out in gold, it didn't take her long to notice the huge statue in the middle of the room. Follow Fnast Following Fnast Unfollow Fnast. Poketsmons wide by Grimimic. loveiswhat69 August 9, 2020, 10:04pm #2. By doing so, all I did was alienate my audience and tick off everyone. Made for the 2022 Gain Jam on WeightGaming. Galactose April 25, 2023, 12:53am #1. Adult, html5, interactive, pregnancy, pregnancy-expansion. 26 on Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:18 am. Fool around in a lab full of elastic anthros. Expand her curves, make her lusty, or change her colors. I'd recommend using different eating and hit sounds though. Contains WG, inflation, expansion, unbirth, etc. More details here or you can visit my patreon. A weight gain visual novel about a GROWING boy that's HUNGRY for success! Earthbound Books. This game does not feature solely weight gain like my other project …. Enthralled - An interactive story about a hedonistic vampire and his servants. Visual novels are interactive stories. Video Game characters from different games gain weight. As this is an older game my sprite work is not exactly the best but we hope you enjoy the game. Free Online Math Games: Making Learning Fun and Engaging. A Fruit-Filled Photoshoot Comic Dub - Blueberry Expansion. As children progress through their educational journey, it becomes increasingly important to foster a love for reading and develop strong reading compre. The Brain Gamés game is reIated to block, bóy, brain, html5, mémory, puzzle, timing. You're free to explore content in any order you like, and various areas are dedicated to different facets of gainer content. A weight gain simulator / incremental game. Interactive Weight Gain Story by SkeleSoda. Please make weight gain gradual; no instantly gaining 500lbs or anything like that- it only shortens the story. Interactive Fiction Play in browser The Fae Agenda A supernatural sapphic romance by Morbiose and UrgUrgUrg Adventure Play in browser Surfer Bunny! Sports Play in …. 4) rpg-maker, 2023 Big Aspirations (0. Find Visual Novel games tagged weight-gain like Duke's Donuts, Big Special Delivery, Curse of the Ballyhoo Faire, fⒶt, Reflections VN Alpha on itch. It’s a semi-realistic game about extreme weight gain—with dark-ish themes, turn-based and mostly linear gameplay, but also a peppering of random events, budget strategy, and a dash of mystery. Features various monster girls. The young man made use of runes and other strange abilities from the slate, but he left the understanding to brainiacs like Purah and Zelda. Besides a lot of backend stuff that was driving …. belly stuffing, weight gaining game (slight), comparing to the first game more locations, poses and emotions. Latest free games tagged Twine and weight. a collection by Fnast · last updated 2023-10-10 14:07:09. The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance: The girls from the Legend of Zelda series gain weight in various ways. WASD to control: A & D: roll while on the ground. A NSFW RPG about transformation, growth and sizeplay. Weight Gain Interactive Stories. Kids from kindergarten through grade six and beyond can use ABCya’s interactive games and videos to learn math, spelling, social studies, typing skills and more. Banquet for the Undying Famine. WEIGHT GAIN GAMES 3: RETURN OF THE BLUBBER - August 16th Stream - YouTube. Similar to walk with frog wife but only a nsfw interactive with a frog wife with types of inflations(and pregnant inflation and birth scene). Rainbow Dash gets her fill by Defenceless. The characters from Capcom’s classic Fighting Game Franchise get fatter. a collection by An +18, sci-fi, multi kink, expansion game! Remuke. 8 out of 5 stars (6 total ratings) The Soulstream Expansive (Remix) $4. weight-gain, video-game, fat, stuffing, inflation. Meetings can sometimes be dull and monotonous, but they don’t have to be. 22 will not contain the features of v0. To create Virtual Me and get to know your Body Type, please save your height, waist, hips, shoulder and breast measurements. NSFW Interactive, containing VORE, nudity, and other fetishes. Find games tagged belly like Vaporeon Belly Rubs 1. Warning: Contains Weight Gain, Stuffing, Fat fetish. Enhancing the quality of life in your favorite fantasy worlds via mind control. no killing, sex, and any other bad things. Currently, the game is finished, but here are some avalaible features: You can choose your own Pokemon type. It's a little slow at the beginning, but certainly a unique experience if you stick with it. • Female expansion (breast, butty, bell, hip, etc. Characters can gain weight realistically and have to deal with the repercussions of getting fat. Find HTML5 games tagged weight_gain like Queen sized 0. For most people losing weight is roughly a 80:20 diet:exercise split, simply because it's a lot easier to deny yourself a ~300kcal slice of cake than walking 2-3 miles to burn it off. 015V, Space Slime Shooter, fⒶt on itch. 08v 10/09/2022, Esther and the Magical Space Feast, Reflections VN Alpha on itch. Feeder/Weight Gain Video Games. Watch as they grow horizontally for every session. THIS IS A FETISH GAME] Chill with Ellie for a bit. An +18, sci-fi, multi kink, expansion game! Remuke. After observing and seeing Ava's expansion / weight gain up close Tanisha h Completed. Find NSFW games tagged Furry and weight-gain like Feed the Dragon, Unknown Adventure [UA], SoftFoxxo's Drive-Thru Dilemma, Moo-Moo Manor, 18+ Donut Party on itch. A quick reaction battle with a board and some furrry and RPG elements ~ Ziul Walls. You can save several virtual me`s, but in virtual fitting room will be used virtual me, what is appointed "active". (prototype), Fat Text Generator, Pat Fat Cat on itch. Video Game Weight Gain: The Mangle. Rated: 18+ 23 Chapters Interactive. Weight Gaming">Food Therapy. If you don't know why anyone would want this, you probably don't want to. Take a deep dive into the world of math by guessing the correct unit of weight. Latest HTML5 games tagged weight. The weight gain is gradual and rather realistic in progression. Top games tagged Twine and weight_gain. 02, Dream of Malpheus, Joseph Earnwile in the Crypt of Sloth on itch. Arnold Armadillo's Revenge! by ph0220. com reports that rapid weight gain is one of the common side effects of vitamin B12 injections. A silly little game of a goblin's life and getting fat. LygaWolf Interactive Fiction Play in browser HOARD (Weightgaming Gamejam 2022 Entry) Minion-Hoarding minigame for Weightgaming's 2022 game jam! WeirdMidnight Miriam's …. All my games are stuffing games. A VN game set in Sunderland where you play as Charlene, A well dressed well spoken office worker who after a long day of work has a chance encounter with one of her old friends from school and she discovers the alternative path they both took in life after all these years. Top Role Playing games tagged weight. Roughly 20 hours of game-play has been made depending on how fast you mash that enter key to skip dialogue. A small interactive feeding game, your job is to get your patients into the mood and stuff them to the brim with food! Then see them in the next session much wider than the last. Small amounts of weight gain, with some more coming in the future. The Female Body Visualizer Simulator App Helps You To Stay Committed To Your Health & Weight Loss Journey Using Accurate 3D Models. Here’s a look at how to gain weight fast and safely. Since 2018, I've been making adult Visual Novels and Text Games for the furry community. 1, a Cow Girl Expansion Game. This was made when I was trying to find my footing and figure out how to protect my content. IFDB is a collaborative, wiki-style community project. Carry out conversations with them. This interactive started as a series of rp's between me and Joey1212 where we made some of our favorite animated women into obese slobs. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · # 1532375. 08v 10/09/2022, Fat Text Generator, Interactive Weight Gain Story, Dragons Gorge, Reflections VN Alpha on itch. Find Visual Novel games tagged weight-gain like The Breakfast Chub, fⒶt, Reflections VN Alpha, Big Special Delivery, Curse of the Ballyhoo Faire on itch. Themes? Hmmm, definitely weight gain. “Stupid scout missions,” Grolf grumbled under his breath, kicking at any small rock he could find. Contains, slime inflation, weight gain, unintentional vore. An adult RPG game focused around breast expansion and lactation content. fat , female , stuffing , weight-gain , twine , video-game , ai , female-protag , protag-wg , web , vore. With the advancement of technology, learning has become more accessible and enjoyable. Find games tagged fat like Chub Quest, HoneyCombat, The Breakfast Chub, Princess Goblin Story, Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022) on itch. Huge Hallows 4: Trick! Treat! Gorge! Get candy, be fat, collect cards. It basically reads like a novel, relying on imaginative elements to supplement the story. Find games tagged fat and weight-gain like Princess Goblin Story, The Breakfast Chub, Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022), Passion Muffins, fⒶt on itch. 33 Change Log *Fixed various typos *Fixed the map/movement system so that going north actually sends you north, and so on. Most of the content is male/male, just because that's what I find easiest to write!. However, you will not be alone in this endeavor. There's also a cheat menu once you beat the. This game contains mostly stuffing with food inflation + burps. Old saves should work! Simply go to your old Apostles game, go into the ‘www’ folder and copy the ‘saves’ folder. Two Big Women Find That The Large Lad They Have a Crush On Isn't Big Enough To Share! Hesper: OFF TO WORK I GROW! $9. geekdragon July 14, 2018, 5:00am #1. Find NSFW games for Web tagged weight-gain like Dungeon of the Devourer, Cards of …. Games made with ASCII/Enterbrain/Kadokawa Games' RPG …. As soon gallbladder removal and weight loss pills as he entered the hall, Zhao …. io, the indie game hosting marketplace Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Community. The very little that that’s here is. Chantelle's weight gain: 16 yo grade 10 student, female weight 110 lbs height 5'6 ; Guardians of the Multiverse : Marvel/DC and other sci-fi based fandoms clash in a tf/ mental change story plotted around a team of inter-dimensional misfits. Latest free games for Web tagged weight. A interactive story made in Twine. I found it! It's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Crusader Kings III\game\common\script_values\10_health_values. <3 I'm LETTERALY at a loss of words, regarding this game. The scientific evidence is clear: Cutting calories simply doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss or health gains. Find games tagged muscle like Stories from the House of Beef Gym, Bara Boarders, FMG game (Mary story), bruder, First Day at Life Gym …. Play in browser The Adult Lactation Idle Game. You can still find the thread how to play it tho (it’s somewhere on this site) Yaffaif has furry content if you wish. A Fat Himbo Knight Dating Sim. Love is the Way to My Heart is a unique Interactive Fiction that gives players the ability to choose how to date a BBW, starting from the beginning. Tribal Hunter has some, if you somehow missed the game being plastered all over the website here. HOARD (Weightgaming Gamejam 2022 Entry) Minion-Hoarding minigame for Weightgaming's 2022 game jam! WeirdMidnight. I rush into his charge and tear him to pieces with my claws. Also, the stock boy game had multiple instances of overlapping item images, which made the game more confusing and less fair. r/wgbeforeafter: **WGBeforeAfter** A subreddit for Female/Femme weight gain photos and other related content. All three cards were attempted. They have other games, but they don’t fit quite well the criteria of getting immobile/blob except if you wait until the final of the game. Find games tagged Twine and weight_gain like One Too Many Pieces (DEMO), The Wizardry College on …. One of the key features that sets PBS Kids apart is its collection of interactive learning games. The Weighting Game - Dating Sim/VN, Ren’Py, Windows/Mac, female weight gain, stuffing, eating, feeder/feedee relationship, nudity, in development The Witch and I - RPG, rpgmaker, jp translation, tuki_tarou - female wg, male pov, stuffing, feeding, overeating. Weight Loss Games, Weight Gain Games & Exercise Games. There are also a few free expansions available, (the price changes to free if you own the base game): Impostors , Pocket Monsters , Cryptids, Candied Blood. Or weight gain can happen very rapidly and without any health problems. Here's the link and the description. 16: 7923: October 18, 2023 Human Growth - Needs new Story Ideas for the rooms. The unfinished games are classified based on the current content. One such platform that has gained immense popularity is Starfall Education Kids Games. Alex provides the player with weight gain tips throughout the game, and generally acts as a ‘coaching’ element. Status: In development: Platforms: HTML5: Rating: Rated 4. You go on an adventure to discover the Legend of the Ice Maidens. Com">Weight Gain Interactive Stories. Tyrannize the kingdom as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun!. Take part in a survival rush to gain the skill needed to redeem yourself in front of your Long Time Crush! CrossCrescent. This choice: Hunger Games · Go Back. 21 and Patrons of next month won’t be having access to this version, as it is a special easter version. I hope to add more to it in the future so lemme know …. Hot Male Weight Gain: Games. 08v 10/09/2022, Interactive Weight Gain Story, Dragons Gorge, Reflections VN Alpha, Weight Gain Engine on itch. I hope to add more to it in the future so lemme know what you think :) More information. Food Therapy by FieryLion. Find out in this new game for Super Woot-boy! Featuring blast processing, over ten shades of green Interactive Fiction, Visual Tags: bbw, breast-expansion, Game Boy, Gothic, hourglass-expansion, Pixel Art, Text based, weight-gain, w-oo-t: Average session: About a half-hour: Languages: English: Inputs: Mouse: Accessibility: One button. A furry, text based, expansion themed, adventure game. uk is a community of interactive fiction game makers and players. The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance: Basically, It's a weight gain story. In this story you take on the role of one or more characters as they live their lives and go on adventures with weight gain and expansion themes. This game was made for Weight Gaming's 2019 Gain Jam-----More information. The update you have none been waiting for. 02, The Fat Tournament, The Queen's Ambition on itch. Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs Bunny games. Forks is a first-of-its-kind visual novel made with Ren'Py, which hopes to combine a familiar kink with high production values and a long-form narrative. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · # 1652826. Kindergarten is a crucial time in a child’s education, as it sets the foundation for their academic journey. PR Crew weight gain, inflation and expansion RPG text-based adventure. Yamanuski- The First(Probably) Ass Expansion RPG. Extraterrestrial Gains is a linear game with branching pathways and multiple endings. This interactive involves weight gain, gender change, age change, size growing and shrinking, and more transformations. While watching Obese TV Bowser observed that many of the people, often of varying species, shared how they went from fit to fat or from fat to obese. rpg, male, inflation Savoring Sword - Weight Gain Dungeon Crawler - Beta available on Patreon!. Instead of saying, “I require to shed 25 pounds,” and also overwhelming on your own with what looks like an impossible goal, look towards the wellness benefits that can originate from even modest weight management. Find HTML5 games tagged weight-gain like Reflections VN Alpha, Weight Gain Engine, fⒶt, Cafe-O-Chub, Heavy Depths Version 0. Or, yet another RPGMaker game that features zero RPG combat. Young Adult, Erotica, Fanfiction. A Vore roguelike game where you defeat enemies by juggling them in your belly. Top NSFW games with Keyboard & Mouse support tagged weight. Bess + Luna in "Babysitter Training 2: Belly Boogaloo". Many of the people seemed happy about their size and. RPG Maker with weight gain mechanics and fattening/puff magic. I can definitely make their bellies SUPER big, it will take time as I need to manually edit the sprites. In today’s digital age, where typing has become an essential skill for both personal and professional use, there is a growing demand for interactive ways to improve typing speed and accuracy. Now with only 40% of the intended content due to gain jam time limitations! Play as a Vault, a local creation of the Mall of Infinity, Infinity City's go-to destination for one-stop shopping of anything. New Weight Gain ASMR Video! In case you didn't know, I make weight gain ASMR videos on Youtube! I collect sounds from all over and compile them into all the groaning, eating, burping fun anyone could ever want. NSFW, otherwise known as Not Safe For Work. Click to go to the forum to download/play the game! Just directing all traffic / questions / links to the above to make it easier for me to help troubleshoot and keep all the info in one place and keep it cohesive!. Looking for male weight gain games. (extreme weight gain, immobility, humiliation, force feeding, burping) “And here we are. A short demo of the game Feedies and Feeders from 2017! Nothing has become of it yet but I CAN DREAM HAROLD. Find NSFW games for Web with Mouse support tagged weight-gain like Dungeon of the Devourer, Big Tiddy Goth GF Simulator, The Coven of Calahree, Cards of Gluttony, Prelude to Enormity on itch. After realizing it was a Saturday, they leisurely get up and get dressed in what's pretty much the one outfit they own, accessories notwithstanding. its a bar game were you place your girls to get feed nothing much to it to start the day just click their of the buttons and to select the girls just press their. Video Game Weight Gain: Bowser's path to gluttony. Interactive Weight Gain Game Menopause Weight Loss Supplement Sale: 80% Off Slim Thick Weight Loss Pills Kate Hudson Weight Loss Diet Interactive Weight Gain Game Weight Loss Pills For Obese Women, Keto Os Weight Loss Reviews Sprints For Fat Loss Before And After Branching Points. hello! Im new here and i was wondering if anyone knows of any furry rpgs, text adventures, or visual novels that involve weight gain!. any male/gay related games General Discussion. Top HTML5 games tagged inflation. Bai Yan drank all the medicinal liquid without any hesitation, Hao Tian then withdrew from the investigation of Long Kingdom and set off. Find NSFW games tagged weight-gain like Unknown Adventure [UA], Research Station M-00, Dungeon of the Devourer, Growth Academy, ONI Fat Chronicles on itch. Baby Fat: A Vore-Themed Point-and-Click Game. Weight gain, cow transformation, milking, being subjected to Candy's extremely questionable kinks, this story makes zero sense I am sorry. Find NSFW games tagged weight-gain like Chihiro's Vore Harem, Gain Factory, SoftFoxxo's Heavy Hunting, EXPAndroid, Neon Dreams on itch. Claire was plumping up quite nicely. Interactive Weight Gain Story - Anna's Wedding. 1 out of 5 stars (32 total ratings) Play in browser. Use your magic to spread weight-gain throughout. Here is some more games: https://dimpixelanimations. Weight Gaming Topic Replies Views Activity; The Sultans Harem - V0. The game allows you to perform several actions with a feedee, such as feeding, rubbing, and kissing. Top games tagged RPG Maker and weight. Amber's big, bouncy jelly snack. By downloading this set of games, you confirm that you are 18 years old! DOWNLOAD. Video games, an electronic game in which players control images on a video screen, first came into the world sixty …. In the wake of her workaholic lifestyle and one too many nights treating herself to ice cream, she had put on a sizable amount of weight. You can lose weight without any exercise whatsoever if you wish, but exercise in itself is very good for you either way. Soon she was polishing off the box of donuts before her parents even noticed. W: jump - but horizontal control is limited in midair. Top rated free games for Web tagged weight_gain. I got a good suggestion, tribal hunter. Chocolate Kitten Yuki's Stuffing (Weight Gain): In the Chocolate Casino you'll meet a woman named Yuki who is craving chocolate - she'll ask your party for 10 bars of chocolate in exchange for a battle skill. Fill Me Up (Demo) (latest version now out on patreon) An 18+ game about weight gain. Dating sim but with dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Find games tagged Furry and weight-gain like Spacethumper 2, Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022), Cheetahs Are Meant To Be Fast, Cafe-O-Chub, The kobold's life on itch. Find HTML5 games tagged weight-gain like Dragons Gorge, Interactive Weight Gain Story, Queen sized 0. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Community. Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fanfiction · # 1981700. Elastigirl becomes large and in charge in various way in this Interactive story. Find NSFW games tagged weight-gain like Sci-fi Weight Gain, Praedeon, Royal Belly Brawl, Gain Jam 2022 - Purloined Sirloin: Glaceon's Fat Adventure, Project Realism on itch. Swelling, diarrhea and a mild rash are also side effects that people commonly experience when they have a vitamin B12 injection. One Day, you wake up as a pokemon. More score - bigger belly! knowing the secrets of the "Aura of weight gain". Feed the Crown (Game Jam) Don’t let your queen go hungry! SofterCode. This choice: Chell, the woman you play as in Portal · Go Back Chapter #4. io">Latest NSFW games tagged inflation. In today’s digital age, it is essential for children to develop strong typing skills. This very broad selling is a good example of how macro issues drive the marketWMT The market pullback that started last week is gaining traction this morning following poor earnings guidance from Walmart (WMT) and Home Depot (HD) , and. This is more of a catalog of what we've been working on, but feel free to add your own chapters as well. Find games tagged weightgain like Chub Quest, Fur Food Contest, The Breakfast Chub, Weight Gain Engine, The true meaning of Foodsmas on itch. (One Shot) Interactive Weight Gain Game :: Branching Points. Hello! I make animations featuring pregnant women. Pumpt! fat furry weight gain game. Weight Gain: Before and After. Apart from that, feel free to go wild. Growing With The Crowd is a weight gain game in which you either use donations or your own hard-earned cash to grow larger! The larger you are, the larger your audience will be, making the amount of donations you receive go up!. Find Interactive Fiction games tagged weight_gain like Passion Muffins, Weight, when do I Hibernate?, One Too Many Pieces (DEMO), Dream of Malpheus, Esther and the Magical Space Feast on itch. Find NSFW games tagged fat like Gain Jam 2022 - Purloined Sirloin: Glaceon's Fat Adventure, Ultimate Pleasure Cruise, Rivals?! Interactive Fiction. Gaming November 5, 2022, 6:22pm #2. io Winter Sale Developer Logs Community. Welcome to Fattening Career, a Visual Novel that centers around feeding, weight gain, and a touch of breast expansion. Feedback and bug reports are …. The Gloucester Estate Spooktacular. The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance: Teen Boys get bigger and fatter. Several different stories of females gaining weight. Filled to the Limit A newspaper ad inspires a girl to become a test subject for a tube-feeding machine, and must reach her full capacity! An Overwatch Weight Gain Game. With Kahoot, you can create your own game that is not only fun but also educational. You are Sarah Gillmore, a plump young woman cruelly sent away for a summer at notorious fat camp, Camp Meltaway, by your unfeeling parents. A letter in the airport lobby allows. One day her parents got in a car crash and got injured very badly. Find games tagged NSFW and weight-gain like Sci-fi Weight Gain, Gain Jam 2022 - Purloined Sirloin: Glaceon's Fat Adventure, Project Realism, Fat Tetris, Rivals?! From Another World! on itch. 691: 233380: October 18, 2023 Terraria Fat NPC Resource Pack. a collection by Spade3x · last updated 5 months ago. furry, protag-wg, video-game, weight-gain, fat, female, release. InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips No longer a niche hobby, the digital entertainment ecosystem exploded in mainst InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips No longer a niche hobby, th. Find games not in game jams tagged weight_gain like Joseph Earnwile in the Crypt of Sloth, Spacethumper 2, Duke's Donuts, The Wizardry College, Weight, when do I Hibernate? on itch. Lady Yummy Sprite Weight-Line WIP + small update. alexflannel just joined the crew! We need you on the team, too. This choice: Gardevoir is at 1,000,000,000,000,000lbs, just try to make a story out of this!. A list of short weight gain games? Male weight gain games. A story about a hungry archer and her friends. Com member that wishes to participate. Top Interactive Fiction games tagged weight. Find games tagged Furry and weight_gain like Spacethumper 2, Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022), Cheetahs Are Meant To Be Fast, Cafe-O-Chub, The kobold's life on itch. Top games for Web tagged weight. aweridothatdoesgames? Play in browser. Hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster here. > Make Lila accept or refuse the Naga's nurturing offerings through 55 rounds, but be careful with her endurance, fullness and gas levels! > There's 4 different outcomes depending on how well you managed to balance her stats. Characters can be killed off, but try to refrain from killing the main character of a story. ABCya games for kids have gained immense popularity in recent years, and for good reason. rpg-maker, weight-gain, fat, stuffing, video-game, female. Find HTML5 NSFW games with Mouse support tagged weight-gain like Dungeon of the Devourer, The Coven of Calahree, Big Tiddy Goth GF Simulator, Cards of Gluttony, Prelude to Enormity on itch. In this game, you’ll have the opportunity to become an A+ Feeder, a chocolatier, a lab researcher, and more. Top 5 Best Health and Fitness Games of 2018. New & popular games tagged inflation. Using The Body Simulator Helps To Keep Your Motivation Intact So You Stick With Your Goal To Lose Weight. What if getting fat saved your people? Sir Kata. Are there any degrading/humiliating WG games or completed interactive. you can go to the Itch link and download the new version. An interactive weight gain story featuring a great number of ladies from the realm of video games. A community for supporting expansion and fat themed game development. NSFW Water/Blueberry Inflation Game where a scientist woman accidentally inflates a plant girl. He was exceptionally smart, given private tutoring by his upper middle-class family and passing with high enough marks to skip past high school and secure his college degree, which he also obtained with flying colors. Warning: this is a fetish visual novel that includes weight gain, expansion and feeding. game +18 M/M with focus on transformation. However, it won't be as simple as finding his desired predator and asking them. there are any number of visual novels out there. If you want to support the game and get some. And for me the main value is that they are different. Bring her soda and she'll chug it quickly, most of the time anyways. If things still getting really complex docs is probably the next best place. Fattening Magical Mischief! KynesArt. Find games for Web tagged weight-gain like Dragons Gorge, Queen sized 0. Take this Feederism quiz to find out whether you are a feedee or a feeder. Worshippers of the Gain by Cottage Games. A weight gain visual novel about a GROWING boy that's HUNGRY for success! Hesper: Growth For Both! $9. There was one on FurAffinity made by Vilified, but its host site broke. 19: 8103: October 10, 2023 "Vampire Manor" - A PSX Style Stealth Horror Game. Fat/Weight Gain Mods for Male Characters for Baldur's Gate 3? General Games. Unfinished due to time constraints & delays, etc. but whyPatreon Only Gameplay Series www. Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · # 1093746. The Most Anticipated Health and Fitness Games of 2018 Video. An in-development adult, gay, weight gain card game RPG, where your goal is to fatten up your opponent before they do so to you. A girl, probably her age, sans a Koopa rather than a Goomba, sat down on a royal throne. A Twine game that really shouldn't be a Twine game. Game is made by GoblinHordeStudios and can be dow. fat, Furry, large, weight-gain: Comments. *Fixed items not being completely deleted with the bulk discard. Explore games tagged weight-gain on itch. RandomRedditUser98 August 9, 2020, 8:44pm #1. Erotica, Entertainment, Young Adult. One of the best interactive pregnant animations ive ever played, this is mind blowing, ones her belly started bulging and jiggling with kicks I fell in love, please say your making more of these. Find games tagged belly-expansion like Food Chomp (CM), Lucina's Swimsuit Bloat Mini-game V1. The Soulstream Expansive (Remix) $4. Help a sneaky kobold eat a bunch of gold to bring back for their dragon!. The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance: Have characters from your favorite video game gain weight any genre that you like! Rules. Sayori Balloon! A kink mini-game to celebrate 1K downloads. 11: 8100: October 18, 2023 Main Project - Untitled, Monster Romancing Psychological Horror Game (Twine Project WIP) Projects. Above gods, weight gain rpg maker game (New update 1. Afterward it keeps continuing to gain weight via a timer. All stats use that scale at the moment. One of the most significant advantages of using a weighted blanket is its ability to improve sleep quality. Adding a touch of fun and interactivity to your meetings can help break the ice, foster better communication, and create a more engaging environment for everyone invo. I love interactive weight gain games with multiple characters, so I’m looking forward to this. A collection of fetish games dealing in everything weight gain, inflation and similarly fetish fueled items as a whole! Vaporeon Belly Rubs 1. The player arrives in a post apocolyptic United States town, after a sudden catacalysm. Are you looking to engage your audience with an interactive and educational game? Look no further than Kahoot. Characters will gain weight based on your decisions. A short game made for weightgamings 2020 gamejam about a bird getting fat I got transported into a fantasy world with too much food, and I'm on a diet! A short weight gain visual novel with images made with AI. This version differs from all versions that Gain of Life has ever had, because the content of this month will only be available this month. This is a, siding on the side of way to realistic, weight gain simulation game, where you play as a female character in a town with 10,000 procedurally generated npc’s to interact with. Weight gain involving the Mario brothers, their friends, and enemies. Da_Birb September 15, 2023, 7:17am #2. Forks: A Weight Gain Visual Novel. A SMT inspired weight gain kink RPG. For adults, often containing sexual or mature content. As parents and educators, we are always looking for ways to make learning fun and engaging for young learners. The National Institutes of Health lists weight gain and fluid retention as less serious side effects of cortisone injections. View all by bweem bweem; Follow bweem Follow Following bweem Following; Add To Collection Collection; Related games Related; Space Gains. Top free NSFW games tagged weight. WASD (PC) / Virtual DPad (Mobile) - Movement. DeviantArt Facebook DeviantArt Instagram DeviantArt Twitter. Katy Mixon’s weight gain in was thought to be caused by a pregnancy. Make 3x3 boxes and set up huge combos! Poobslag. Growing With The Crowd! by bweem Latest Update 14-4-20: Larger weight gain stages added, weightgain now slower, maximum sprite size increased two times. 4) Projects rpg-maker , weight-gain , fat , stuffing , video-game , female. That’s true, rpgs of that nature tend to be way smaller in file size than other types of games though. Carter, an over weight and greedy young man wins a trip to Wonka's factory. Hungry Girls game: Precious' Pleasure Herd #1. With her full permission, and knowledge, I wrote this story and she approved for me to share …. Games like Interactive Weight Gain Story. The BIG Royal Rivalry WG Visual Novel planning! by. It was a bit tricky to figure out how to start but I got there eventually. It seems that wherever I go, i see attempts at wg games, so I'll just put the good ones here (all of these games are safe for download!) Sorted by date of release (at least from Culinary Combat to Feeding Lilia) Explore the Weight Gain Games collection - the favourite images chosen by MehBeMyName on DeviantArt. A simple, One click/touch game to pass the time with Fat furs ~ Interactive Weight Gain Story. They’re these cute pig-shaped ones that smell like strawberries and weed. com/SpicyFalconSubscribe for More https://www. RepIy 1 like May 8, 2020 Be-lover228 great stuff, give the girls more weight gain look. Top free games for Web tagged weight. LMAO I guess I kinda deserved that for eating lettuce in a game like this…. Find NSFW games tagged weight_gain like Research Station M-00, Unknown Adventure [UA], Growth Academy, Feed the Dragon, Dungeon of the Devourer on itch. Are there are any games or interactive stories (complete interactive stories and not ones with 3 choices then a WIP dead end) where a female character gains weight but she hates it, and it doesn’t lead to anything good? Something along the lines of “Kate was the cheerleader captain or a great athlete or she was in some kind of good position, …. Games Movies Audio Art Channels Users. As such, there is no ending at present, just the game loop, which isn't balanced at all. Legend of Zelda: Weight Gain Interactive: Zelda. Danny Phantom Weight Gain Story. Here's the link and the description: My first play through I obviously tried to go for as much weight gain as possible, but on my second one I tried to take it a little easier. Its a work-in-progress title and game. Feed furries and don't let them escape! Mike Wolfcoon. Poke Girl Pump - interactive, Construct 3, ThatDrippyDragon - inflation, female, pokemon, furry, short, deviantart, in browser; @Axlwisp The standard seems to be wg when listing weight gain as a feature of the …. Willma Wonka Factory tour|Demo(18+) DesideriaOcculta. A gay, role-playing card game about weight gain. It seemed that many of the eating events were. Raw, gay, erotic stories about orcs. Are you interested in creating your own games but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Scratch. Since the people he's asking to eat him know him pretty well, they are very hesitant at the idea of eating him and even more so at the thought of digesting him. Make your favourite male mutants as fat as you want. 2) How the weight gain happens is up to you. It's a cute and simple little thing called 'Feeding Lila' featuring well, Lila and Kween, a lot of food and some artworks. Welcome to Sonftboiz Tummy Text Adventure Game! This is a branching path text game where you select different choices to gain different outcomes. Flouffe Pampering Initiative (Gain Jam 2022) Spicy Wahtte. Is this the final weight a player can achieve or do you aspire to go bigger in the future? I quite enjoy the game, however I do have to ask if there are any plans to adding more descriptions and functions/hindrances when getting "larger" in the game. Food Therapy 🍔 [Major Update 12-29-2020] (Interactive WG Feeding Game) Projects. games with realistic female weight gain. Content that wouldn't be appropriate to be seen by acquaintances …. Dumb WG game about a goblin who just wants to fatten up. 02, Big Special Delivery, Curse of the Ballyhoo Faire on itch. io">Interactive Bubble Girl by SqwarkDemon. Contains weight gain, slob, immobility Play it here: https.